Afternoon Education Session:

BOMA BEST Path to a Net-Zero Energy and Carbon Building

We’ve heard about it, buildings make up about 30% of global energy and GHG emissions and there is an imperative to reduce these emissions drastically by 2050.  Saving money, energy and carbon emissions in your facility is possible and even profitable, especially in Manitoba.

Learn how to measure, manage and reduce energy with the programs, tools and opportunities provided by BOMA. Already there? Find out how your building can apply for BOMA’s National Net-Zero Challenge Award ( yet to be won by a building on the Prairies). If your efforts have saved some energy and costs in the past, then you’re ready for the big-leagues with a net zero-energy and carbon ready plan. If you are planning a new-build, be net-zero carbon ready because it’s already 2020.
This session will present a roadmap and case studies highlighting the progression of an optimized capital investment plan that increases building value, while drastically reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.
Presenter: Alex Fleming, Principal Engineer – Demand Side Energy Consultants


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