Afternoon Education Session:

Construction Project Closeout

Why would a Contractor, Owner Consultant or Subcontractor need to know best practices for closing out a construction project? The answer is simple – if you can’t get it done then you can’t reach Substantial Performance. If clients aren’t able to use the finished product as intended, everyone involved will have to spend more time and money to wrap it up and all stakeholders’ payments will be delayed. This session will identify and discuss closeout requirements for each phase (Pre-Construction Closeout, Construction Closeout, Post Construction Closeout, Organizational Closeout, Subcontractor Closeout and Financial Closeout) so that the last 3% of the project doesn’t end up being 15% of the effort. 

Facilitator: Lee Kelly, President, Constructing Minds Inc.

Lee Kelly, M.A.A.T.O., P.GSC is founder and President of Constructing Minds Inc., a company dedicated to providing relevant and applicable training to the construction industry. 

Lee has boots on the ground experience. With over 35 years of construction management/General Contracting experience under her belt she has gained extensive knowledge and a solid foundation in construction practices, processes and procedures in all contract delivery formats. Lee knows construction because she has built it. 



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